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Over 100 candidates have come to us for help during their MBA journey starting from start to the finish line. Read some of the reviews of MyMbaCircle to learn how the mentors supercharged their career path.


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  • A very helpful platform for MBA candidates

    By Kaushik ( 2019-02-17 , 07:11 )

    I had a call with Nakul and found it helpful. I think MBA circle is a great platform to bridge the information gap that exists in this space. It is an affordable way to access information from a team who not only play the role of consultants but have also
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  • Not good

    By Janice Clarence ( 2019-02-13 , 14:37 )

    I wanted help but you guys never responded to me.

  • Very helpful, insightful and friendly

    By Dharam Nain Singh ( 2019-02-05 , 02:54 )

    JP has been a great help in my interview preparation for PM. He has helped me understand where I lack and practiced along to show the right way. He is very insightful on the process, which made my preparation super comfortable and brought more confidence in my answers and delivery.

  • Very Insightful inputs provided during my application process

    By Akshay ( 2019-02-02 , 22:53 )

    I had taken Nakul's help at different points in my application process and undoubtedly, it was a great decision I had taken. Nakul walked me through some very useful points that I should be paying attention to at every point. However, what was very warming to see was the interest
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  • Super helpful

    By Kalaivani Srinivasan ( 2019-01-25 , 05:36 )

    I worked with Nandita on my essay feedback. She was very approachable yet professional. Given that you can choose a mentor from the same school you are applying to make the feedback invaluable. She brought a fresh perspective to my essays and her feedback helped me polish and give finesse
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  • Juan Pablo is a Great mentor for MBA aspirants

    By ayushya atul ( 2019-01-20 , 16:13 )

    I am a first year MBA candidate at Chicago Booth and I have relied a lot on Juan Pablo Easton ( who is a 2nd yr here at Booth) for my interview preparation, especially for Google. I am sure JP would be a great mentor for anyone preparing for MBA/GMAT

  • Worth the money!

    By Robert Morsi ( 2019-01-02 , 15:25 )

    For my round 1 applications, I did not use any consulting services. After getting dinged by the majority of schools in R1 I thought it might help to use a consulting service. After researching the prices, I realized most were out of my price range. That's until I found MBA
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  • Very friendly yet professional mentors

    By Faith Bosom ( 2018-12-30 , 17:14 )

    I appreciate the service MyMBACircle is rendering. Haven't completed my application yet but I will definitely be working with them

  • I loved my mentor!

    By Vani Mehta (03 Dec 2018 04:52 pm)

    The site had options to choose your mentor and many time slots were available - the response was fast!

  • The 60 min essay feedback changed my entire perspective!

    By Shao-Wen (16 Nov 2018 10:04 pm)

    I was using a consultant already, and I thought I was just polishing my essay and goals with a mentor. The session surprised me by helping uncovering weak areas quickly, and focusing on the impact that I wanted to create through my long term goal. I felt I had a
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  • This is exactly the kind of mentorship I was looking for as I apply to MBA colleges

    By Yugansh Gupta (09 Aug 2018 06:39 pm)

    Personally, I have benefited a lot from Nakul's advise, and the resources that he shared with me have helped me both during job search and GMAT prep. In case you are wondering whether this is some sort of paid endorsement, you are wrong. I connected with Nakul on LinkedIn and
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